Changing from the Old to the New

Inside the Digital Monastery

The monks I lived with for 12 years knew that one has to first begin understanding the mind before changing the world around them. These courses are made for you, the visionary of a brighter future, in order to change your old self and go into the New.

Find Yourself

Learn eastern philosophy

Our life will often take over our happiness. Whether challenges come in the form of people—family, coworkers or friends—or our own mental state is clouded, we get lost in constant connectivity with a global society and slowly lose who we really are.

Live Better

Learn proper meditation

Our sleep has gotten replaced with unending thoughts; stress has piled up and tightened up our body; we're not quite sure how to sustain a peaceful state of mind even if we do get there. Meditation is everywhere, but where do we start? 


Develop Self

Build your routine; Have a ritual

Wake up, eat, work, sleep, repeat. Getting lost inside the day-to-day for too long will keep us from knowing our true potential. If we need a new routine that teaches us knowledge, what exactly is the best routine? 

Inside Digital Monastery Courses

Over ten years of monk-learned insights

  • Video Lectures

    Each course contains video lectures that explain a concept in detail, along with practical application for sustainable life changes.

  • Natural Methods

    Learn natural and carefully crafted meditation techniques that have been developed my monks over thousands of years.

  • Student Discounts

    My hope is to get these ancient teachings into the hands of as many young people as possible. Giving this to a son or daughter? Are you an active student? Please ask about discounts.

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From Monk to Teacher

The Path of Being a Monk

Meet Your Teacher

Instructor Bio:

Rajan Shankara left the world at 19 years old to become a monk and study his mind, find out what meaning and purpose was and if meditation could take him to higher states of consciousness. Having lived as a monk for 12 years, he is now back out in society as a world-yogi to teach others how to control their mind, body, and emotions. He wrote and managed 16 pages for the international religious magazine Hinduism Today for 4 years, and is currently a meditation guide, award winning writer, author of four books, self-development mentor, online coach, fitness and health expert and business owner.

Rajan Shankara

Master Instructor