Start 30 Days of Monk Meditation Training

A difficult path made simple

  • Step-by-Step

    Instead of vague mystical concepts, Raj breaks down meditation minute-by-minute for an easy and natural understanding of meditation.

  • Total Flexibility

    Don't get locked into a program that doesn't work for your mind. Stop and go when you want, where you want.

  • Gauge Your Progress

    Choose whether you like short, medium, or long meditations by staying at the time limit that works for you.

Release Tension; Unlock Your Mind

"Thank you Raj! I mean, really, really, really thank you for this. I've literally been wishing for something like this for ages now. "

Course curriculum

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    Let's Begin

  • 02

    The Road to a 30 Minute Meditation

    • Day 1

    • Day 2

    • Day 3

    • Day 4

    • Day 5

    • Day 6

    • Day 7

    • Day 8

    • Day 9

    • Day 10

    • Day 11

    • Day 12

    • Day 13

    • Day 14

    • Day 15

    • Day 16

    • Day 17 Breath Work

    • Day 18 Breath Work

    • Day 19 Breath Work

    • Day 20

    • Day 21

    • Day 22

    • Day 23

    • Day 24

    • Day 25

    • Day 26

    • Day 27

    • Day 28

    • Day 29

    • Day 30

Course Experience

It worked for them, it can work for you

“Everything about the flow and vibe of the course is great. After I finished my first few minutes I was already looking forward to the next. ”



“I challenged myself to meditating for 30 days, one extra minute a day. Get excited about this because it works!”

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“Great program by a former monk. Doesn't get more authentic than that. ”

CEO CocoRidge Coconut Water


Meet Raj

Rajan Shankara left the world at 19 years old to become a monk and study his mind, find out what meaning and purpose was and if meditation could take him to higher states of consciousness. Having lived as a monk for 12 years, he is now back out in society as a world-yogi to teach others how to control their mind, body, and emotions. He wrote and managed 16 pages for the international religious magazine Hinduism Today for 4 years, and is currently a meditation guide, award winning writer, author of four books, self-development mentor, online coach, fitness and health expert and business owner.

Rajan Shankara

Master Instructor

The Next Step

Level Up

  • Level 2: Intermediate/Advanced Meditation Workshop

    Now that you have experienced one solid month of my training, you are ready to experience level 2 and up your meditation skill with another world of training.


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