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  • Mobile friendly

  • Understand your energy on a deeper level

  • Gain perspective on the world, its nature and how we can be powerful inside it

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Known and Unknown World

  • 2

    The First Power

    • Creation
  • 3

    The Second Power

    • Preservation
  • 4

    The Third Power

    • Destruction
  • 5

    The Fourth Power

    • Revealing
  • 6

    The Fifth Power

    • Concealing


Rajan Shankara

Master Instructor

Rajan Shankara

Rajan Shankara left the world at 19 years old to become a monk and study his mind, find out what meaning and purpose was and if meditation could take him to higher states of consciousness. Having lived as a monk for 12 years, he is now back out in society as a world-yogi to teach others how to control their mind, body, and emotions. He wrote and managed 16 pages for the international religious magazine Hinduism Today for 4 years, and is currently a meditation guide, award winning writer, author of four books, self-development mentor, online coach, fitness and health expert and business owner.

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