Rajan Shankara

Rajan speaks on a variety of subjects surrounding the topic of self-development and self-reliance. Each of the topics comes with practical tools that are applicable in every aspect of daily life and, when practiced consistently, bring about change that can be sustained.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • Welcome to my Clear Mind Intro to Meditation
  • 2

    Getting Started

    • A message from Rajan Shankara
    • Before we begin...
  • 3

    Understanding Your Mind and the World Around You

    • The 7 Levels of Self-Development
    • Energy Management Part 1
    • 5 States of Mind Intro
    • 5 Powers of the Known and Unknown World
  • 4

    Meditation Insights

    • A Monk's 5 Rules for Meditation Article
    • Practical Application: A Meditation Session
  • 5

    Next Steps...

    • A Conversation On Success
    • Resources for You